Security Services

The speed at which technology is evolving and disrupting traditional business models has created a digital landscape where cyber security risks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and complex. By embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT), the Cloud and Machine Learning (ML), organizations are confronted with complex environments where mitigating risk has become much more of a challenge. Companies struggling with this complexity are dealing with the challenge of making the best use of processes and technology, while bridging their staff’s experience gap.

Is your organization prepared to handle cyber threats? Companies can no longer approach security from a traditional perspective. They need to evolve to remain secure and competitive in their industries. Our team of security experts can work closely with your organization to understand your unique IT/OT security posture, business context, and security objectives. Our approach helps improve our clients’ security capabilities and resiliency through a comprehensive, risk-based methodology that incorporates the latest processes, procedures, and technology.

Industrial Security Support

Our comprehensive risk-based approach incorporates industry best practices and standards to support our clients through:·

  • vCISO support   
  • IT/OT Security Program Management    
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation & Mitigation      
  • Pen Testing  
  • Risk Assessment & Profile 


Through our partnership with groundbreaking cyber security firm ThreatGEN, our clients have access to a broad range of resources with IT/OT cyber security products and services.

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