Is your organization struggling, or simply changing so fast? Is it difficult to keep up?

Business Consulting

Dealing with organizational challenges?

The Berkana team includes members with C level and senior management experience in the Energy market. They are available to add depth and capabilities to your organization to help solve  challenges without increasing headcount.

Management Services - Provide new, growing, or changing organizations with expertise and insights to add high-performing support to the business.

Governance Support - Assist with development and implementation of the policies and procedures required to meet business objectives.

Transaction Due Diligence - Provide experience to better evaluate assets and issues involved in potential transactions (primarily acquisitions) and provide assistance in execution of favorable transactions to improve on the transaction process and subsequent integration.

Project/Project Management - Handle specific projects requiring experienced project managers to meet project deliverables on time and on budget..

Compliance Consulting

Dealing with a regulatory audit?

Effective regulatory compliance management is critical. Individuals responsible for various functions within organizations must ensure they are complying with complex regulations and addressing industry best practices in order to minimize risks, reduce costs, and avoid disruption.

Regulatory Compliance - Develop and implement or evaluate and improve regulatory compliance programs to meet current and emerging regulatory requirements. Typical challenges include the establishment of internal programs for essential records and setting up communications programs to increase awareness and promote regulatory compliance that is in line with regulatory requirements.

OT and IT Consulting

Dealing with some of the challenges with the confluence of OT and IT?

Sometimes the situation requires a translator to interpret the requirements of both disciplines to create a mutually acceptable solution. As the line between OT and IT gets more opaque, any solution to information or technology challenges must address the requirements on both sides of the fence. Our staff includes team members that have worked in IT and OT and can provide a third-party perspective on finding the right solution that meets often competing needs.


Is it time for an upgrade, consolidation or relocation?

Sorting out the complexities can be a challenge. This is especially true when making changes to a live production system. Budgeting, planning, identifying risks, and addressing resources and technology become critical to success. Our senior staff members can bring years of experience working in 99.999% uptime environments to your infrastructure challenges.


Is your IT landscape changing?

Are you dealing with changing staff levels, increased information requirements, operating system and application changes, technology refresh cycles, existing and emerging compliance requirements, increased security risks, IoT and cloud services? Are you faced with directives from Management to converge IT and OT environments?

Our team includes senior consultants that have addressed many of these challenges as former CIO’s, CTO’s and CISO’s.

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