Schneider Electric Announces Partnership With Berkana Resources Corporation To Strengthen IT/OT Solutions

The partnership strengthens security and compliance offerings for oil and gas industry

Schneider Electric announced today it is entering a partnership with Berkana Resources Corporation (BRC) to provide solutions to address the OT and IT requirements of oil and gas pipeline companies. The two will work jointly with existing and new customers to provide best in class software solutions with integral security and compliance support.

BRC provides integration, security, compliance and audit services to customers implementing, replacing, relocating or upgrading Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Through this partnership, BRC will provide expertise to assist Schneider Electric to ensure Schneider Electric proven solutions meet individual clients’ security and compliance requirements.

“Our commitment to our clients goes beyond providing best-in-class software solutions for global pipeline operators,” said Larry Stack, senior vice president, oil and gas pipeline applications, at Schneider Electric. “Our goal is to provide advanced solutions in a consistently secure and compliant IT/OT enterprise environment. After a long relationship, we are excited to realize this goal through our new partnership with Berkana Resources Corporation.”

Many companies take on security and compliance internally, often with limited resources, forcing them to rely on inadequate solutions or off-the-shelf products. The two companies’ combined expertise will provide client-centric solutions, assisting clients with determining which security best practices to incorporate and how to integrate them into solutions to meet IT and OT requirements, while ensuring solutions meet the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration regulatory requirements, among others.

Schneider Electric continues to focus on providing enterprise-wide integrated solutions to the oil and gas pipeline industry, ensuring that implementation and support is efficient and seamless, and solutions are effective, secure, and help the organization meet its business and regulatory goals.