John Lellis presents update on ISA99 standards

The presentation will introduce the ISA99 Committee on Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security, review the current state of the eleven ISA99 standards and technical reports, discuss future efforts and plea for assistance from volunteers.Mr. Lellis holds a BChE degree from [Villanova University]( and has extensive experience in engineering, software and information technology (its use, development, and support) as well as in management. He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer at [Berkana Resources Corporation](, an independent systems integrator, providing integration, security, compliance and audit services to customers utilizing SCADA applications in the Oil & Gas, Water, and Utilities markets. His career includes more than 45 years at Shell, DMC Corporation, Aspen Technology, and BRC as a designer and implementer of process control computer systems, both in the US and abroad.

He is active in setting cyber security standards for securing process control networks using firewall, encryption and other isolation techniques, serving on several standards committees, with ISA (ISA99), the chemical industry (CSCSP M&CS) and the vendor community (ICSJWG Vendors’ Forum), and has presented numerous papers discussing the problems faced by adopters of distributed control systems and the best practices that can be used to address them.

*[ISA99]: Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security
*[BChE]: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
*[SCADA]: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
*[DMC]: Dynamic Matrix Control
*[BRC]: Berkana Resources Corporation
*[US]: United States of America
*[ISA]: International Society of Automation
*[CSCSP]: Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program
*[M&CS]: Manufacturing and Control Systems
*[ICSJWG]: Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group