Chevron Pipeline completes the successful relocation of Control Center Operations

Berkana Resources Corporation, a leading provider of OT and IT Integration, Security, Compliance and Consulting, is pleased to announce the successful relocation of Chevron Pipeline’s Control Center Operations in Houston, TX.

The project included the challenge of moving a live production SCADA system while upgrading to a new SCADA platform. This increased the complexity of the move considerably, as both the production and upgrade SCADA systems had to be relocated, without impacting production or the development cycle of the upgrade SCADA system platform. Two separate networks had to be designed and implemented (one for each SCADA system), along with building out the new facilities to accommodate both SCADA systems until the upgrade system could be placed into production.

We were very grateful to be a part of Chevron’s exceptional team. Berkana’s dedicated staff provided network design, system configuration, and integration services to ensure the transition of operations from the old facility to the new one was seamless” said Jeff Whitney of Berkana Resources.

Quite simply we could not have executed the relocation effort in the timeframe allotted without Berkana’s help. Additionally, their expertise architecting secure SCADA networks proved invaluable ensuring a safe and reliable transition” said Curt Wiggins of Chevron Pipeline.