Berkana Resources Corporation completes relocation of Control Center Operations for a Major US Pipeline Company

The project included the challenge of moving a live production SCADA system without impacting operations, while also in the process of upgrading to a new SCADA platform. This increased the complexity of the move considerably, as two SCADA systems had to be relocated, the development cycle of the second SCADA system development could not be interrupted, two separate networks had to be designed and implemented in the new facilities (one for each SCADA system), and the new facilities had to accommodate two SCADA systems while the new platform is placed into full production.

“I am very grateful to our client’s exceptional team and to our dedicated staff.  As paraphrased from our client, it was a flawless transition of Control Center Operations to the new facilities. The plan was executed to the exact day and time set a year earlier” said Jeff Whitney of Berkana Resources.