Network Integration

Dealing with an application layer that just doesn’t seem to fit in your infrastructure environment?

Sometimes upgrading or adding a new technology layer can be disruptive to your network. By stepping back and taking a holistic look at your infrastructure, an integration plan can be developed that incorporates all aspects of the changes required. Beyond addressing the technical and process challenges, the plan should help identify risks and define a strategy for mitigating them. The scope of the change can include everything from a simple upgrade, to a complete infrastructure redesign. Once the plan is developed, integration can begin, ensuring that any changes are documented along the way. Network design and integration is one of our core strengths. Our experienced staff has assisted clients with some very interesting and challenging network topology and technology issues.

SCADA Integration

How do you develop a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that meets your operational requirements?

Whose application layer (platform) do you choose?

How do you get all the stakeholders to agree on the best solution?

These are just a few of the challenges our staff has confronted when clients are making a change in the OT environment. Once the stakeholders are on the same page, the technology has been chosen and the project funded, you’ll need an experienced team to pull it all together into a solution. Berkana can provide seasoned project management, application SME’s, network SME’s, operational expertise and the process and communications framework to make the project a success.