Our business engagement model and service capabilities have evolved over time by working in partnership with our clients. As a total solution provider, our holistic approach to client challenges ensures that our solutions match our clients complete set of requirements. Whether confronted with an acquisition, consolidation, relocation, upgrade, interface, security or compliance issue, our approach is to incorporate all aspects of the business challenge to meet business objectives for the short and long-term.



Making a change in your control system or IT environment? Finding the best solution can involve complex decisions that may require a different perspective. Having a resource that is well versed in the operational, technical, fiscal and support aspects of OT and IT infrastructure can be invaluable.


What is an integrator, and how can they assist with providing a solution that meets your requirements? Integration is about taking the disparate pieces of processes and technology and molding them into a solution. From the design phase to development, testing and commissioning, successful projects require the inclusion of all stakeholders, a solid communication plan, seasoned project management, and the subject matter expertise (SME’s) to piece it all together.


How much security is enough and can you ever be 100% secure? In the wake of increased incidents and heightened regulations, customers are struggling to safeguard their networks and control systems. Security is all about reaching a peace of mind based on the investment and resources available.


Are your assets regulated? Are you facing an audit? Where do you find answers to these and other compliance questions as an operator? Achieving compliance can be a real challenge, given the current and emerging regulatory environment. Our staff members are well versed in the requirements and can help walk you through the process.

Software Development

Berkana provides software application development services to assist clients with developing custom applications and building interfaces to third-party ICS applications